IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! DO NOT fill cells to the bottom of the filler neck Electrolyte can overflow when the battery is charged and cause damage.  The electrolyte should be 6 mm (1/4 in.) above plates. Add only distilled water if necessary.




The reasons of sulfating: The long storage of the batteries without charging, low level of Electrolyte and its high density, frequent discharge of high power to start an engine, self-discharging or short-circuit of plates. Add the powder to the battery cells as early as possible and you will increase its lifespan. Plates cannot be restored. Adding the powder will increase the effective ability and surface of the plates. The powder can be added only once and will work during the span life of the battery.

Adding B.T.P. will stop buildup sulfate in the plate Keep battery plats fresh.

from the first day the electrolyte added. battery plates are getting sulfated all the time.


Heat will be damaging the internal structure of a battery. A malfunctioning component in the charging system, usually the voltage regulator allows overcharging and can decrease the lifespan of your battery, making it more difficult to deliver the power to turn over your engine. how would you feel working outside in 104-degree temperatures as opposed to temperatures in the 70s? Your car battery is similar. High temperatures make it work harder.



you have turned the ignition key on a cold winter’s morning only to find the battery has died. cold weather increases the cranking load on the battery. Oil gets thicker at low temperatures so it takes more amps to crank a cold engine when you try to start it. At 0 degrees F, the number of cranking amps it takes to start a cold engine may increase as much as 2X. At minus 15 degrees below zero F., it can take  3X or more amps to crank the engine depending on the viscosity of the oil in the crankcase. The thicker the oil, the harder is it to crank the engine.Question. Do you have to late go to work or can you spend $15.00  to keep your battery in good condition at all time?


 Open all battery caps. Open the package of B.T.P. The B.T.P. container has 6 separate powder compartments. Remove the B.T.P. cover to expose the powder. Replace the cover to expose only 1 powder compartment. Add the powder to the first cell. Stir the powder for 5 seconds. Shake the battery gently four to five times. Put the cap back on.  Repeat the same for all the cells.Bring the level of electrolyte to normal.

Protect your eyes.To use in all lead-acid batteries.  Cars, trucks, boats, RVs, golf cart, forklifts.

*A battery hardly starts the engine. No need to move the battery out the vehicle.

*Won’t start the engine at all. Use full automatic battery charger.

*Or use a jumper, Cabell. To start the car.

 Do the same steps above.

B.T.P. is distributed to many countries all over the world for the past 21 years.

We challenge any product in the world if it works and Gave the same RESULTS as the AMAZING POWDER

Only $15.00 Free Shipping in the U.S.A.

Advantages gained.

*For batteries with Lower manufacturing quality the higher is the gain.   

*Battery capacity Loss by the time [ statistical mode ] is reduced by at least 4 times.

*Higher cranking power during vehicle start  20 %  to  30 %  at all temperatures

*Electrolyte solution  {  distilled water } evaporation is less by  5  times

*New battery storing time without recharging is increased up to 6 month

*Additional battery equal lifespan of its current life.

*Compensating undercharging process covering no less than 15% undercharge rate.

For the battery with 85% charging, the Compensation is full

giving the battery 100% charge.

*B.T.P. add on New battery doubles the batteries lifespan

* For working batteries, {  very weak  }  suffering only from sulfating,

B.T.P. will restore up to 70 %  of the new lifespan.

B.T.P. It can’t be used on Battery without damaged Cells.

B.T.P. Use only for treatment the Battery from sulfating.

B.T.P. use for lead acid and alkaline batteries.

it works on all lead acid Batteries and all sizes from SMALLEST  BATTERY to LARGEST FORKLIFT Battery.

The effect of using additive B.T.P. is the noticeable increase in the starting battery power

[shown after 7 hours of charging-discharging cycle]. If plates weren’t damaged earlier.

During hard exploitation, it will be fully restored after 15 hours.   BATTERY TREATMENT POWDER

Is working without foam. It is a very low price, for getting rid of old and new batteries problems,

and noticeably increases the lifespan.

the whole process will be done in about 5 minutes.


Providing higher ionic battery electrolyte solution, hence, lowering the Battery

     internal resistance and having better electrolyte conductivity especially

    During very cold weather {  F  –  120    C –  50  

  Works mainly with high potential whenever the battery discharge is in The process

    by immediately restoring the electrochemical resulted sulfate which in

    This case, the amazing powder will increase the life cycle by at least 30%.

  1. Inhibiting the lead plates where it reduces the accumulation of sulfate

     Deposits during discharge especially the high discharging rate.

  1. Enhancing and speeding the DE sulfating process [ battery statistical mode and During

    the charging process]. Hence compensating battery system undercharging Losses.

  1. Reduces the hydrogen evolution, where the amazing powder. Uses the free hydrogen atoms

    In the restoration of the sulphuric acid, hence, less electrolyte solution Evaporation.

 Only $15.00 Free Shipping in the U.S.A.


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